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With over 20 years experience, we are the #1 and most affordable driving school in the Casa Grande, Sierra Vista and Tucson areas. We keep our prices low and never, ever compromise on the quality instruction received by our students.
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driving-343056_1280We strive to have a positive learning, teaching, and working environment for all clients. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and integrity and have the opportunity to learn a new skill. We service both teens and adults in learning to drive. It is never too late to learn to drive or gather the experience and training necessary to become a better driver. Whether you are interested in earning your driver’s license for the first time or are inexperienced or rusty and looking to improve your skills, we have the Certified Trainers to help you succeed.

Our curriculum standard as set forth by The National Institute for Driver Behavior a nationally recognized leader in traffic safety education and ADOT of Arizona. Some of the concepts and principles will be familiar, others will be curiously new. Our goal with this course is to help the driver embrace those low-risk skills and behaviors that will last them for a lifetime. Together we can prepare students to be competent and responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Special Needs:  If a student has a learning disability or any other concerns that might affect his/her progress, Street Legal AZ Driving School is happy to accommodate these learning differences. Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate to the Certified Trainers early in the course to note special situations and determine the best course of action.

Our primary goal is to improve, educate, and provide continuous learning for all levels of drivers in a safe and low threat environment.

  • Office in Pima County.
  • “Drive to You” availability on request.
  • 30-hour on-line class with permit test at home
  • Vehicle Equipped with duel brakes and mirrors
  • Behind the Wheel in Pinal, Pima and Cochise County


Street Legal AZ, LLC offers a wide variety of different options for the needs of the students, so they achieve the goals they are looking to receive.

Contracted and Certified in the State of Arizona
Authorized Third Party Trainer Provider