Risk Reduction Course

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Risk Reduction Course

Believing in the ‘riding for all’ motto of our driving school, we keep on delivering our services to everyone who wants to drive. Our state-approved risk reduction course is made to bring the right to drive back in your life. If you have ever been convicted of being involved in drugs in any way, this course can keep you secure against further trials.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for people who

  • Have been convicted for driving while being drunk or under the influence
  • Have ever been convicted of illegal drug possession
  • Have been caught for alcohol possession by minors
  • Have been charged with rash driving
  • This driving course aims to get you to the normal state for driving and get you proof that you are allowed to drive again.

What Are Its Benefits?

This course is a must to attend for those who have their driving license suspended due to certain above-mentioned charges. Taking this course can get your license back and make driving legal for you.
Moreover, it will help you reinstate the normal mental state and rehabilitate from drug addiction. Also, if you are not convicted of driving under influence, this can be a future precaution against your charges (that might imply). So, if you relate to any of the above situations, get enrolled in the course now.

Mandatory To Attend

The course is mandatory to be attended by those whose lawyers have bargained with the prosecutor and you are released just on the condition that you will take the classes.
Secondly, if your license is suspended and you want to drive again, find the best driving school near you and get these classes. It strengthens the case for restoring the license.
So, you cannot just shy away from the burden. We recommend that you, being a responsible citizen, should take the classes from us and make driving safe for yourself and others.

Classes Without Orders

Even if you are not convicted of any above-mentioned crimes and the court has not ordered that you take the course, joining our classes can help you in many ways.
First, it can be used as a mitigation tool if you ever are checked by the traffic authorities
Second, it will help you get out of the effects of drugs and get to the normal life.

Course Structure

The courses, like most authentic training courses, are divided into two main parts.

1. Assessment

Before getting you to the license test preparation school, we need to evaluate you completely to understand your physical and mental state. Only then can we concoct a plan to help you with your problems. This includes:

  • Your clinical evaluation and checks
  • The degree to which you are involved in drugs
  • Which drugs are you using?
  • Whether you are in the intoxication phase or withdrawal phase
  • Behavioral problems caused by drug usage
  • Mental challenges due to addiction

2. Risk Reduction Course

Based upon the intensity of the effects of drugs and the degree of involvement in the drugs, a course plan is devised and is delivered in classes and different sessions.
The trainers give lectures on the chemistry and usage of drugs and psychoeducate people. Moreover, proper driving classes are also conducted parallel to this. Other ways the course is conducted are


Sessions are conducted to discuss individual problems and discuss them; their causes and solutions

Support Groups:

They are conducted for addicts to share their stories and discuss with each other and those who have come out of it. The purpose is to motivate them and reduce the effects of any miss happening in their lives (which might be the cause of their addiction).

Counseling Sessions:

Different counselors and drug therapists work in one-on-one sessions with clients to psychologically help them deal with their addiction and change their approach.